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Staff Directory

Rick Schaffer, CEO

Brendan Wenzl, Executive/Fiscal Director

Serena Watkins, Administrative Assistant

Susie Faulds, Fiscal Technician

Andra Larrabee, Long-Term Care Program Director

Jamie Stucky, Case Manager (Dodge City Office)

Roxy Kordonowy, Case Manager (Dodge City Office)

    Data Entry Specialist

Brandon Case, Case Manager (Pratt Office)

Tanya Rivera, Case Manager (Liberal Office)

Malinda Hatfield, Case Manager (Great Bend Office)

Julia Rieth, Case Manager (Garden City Office)

LeeAnn Goodman, Housing Director

Ana Hansen, Housing Specialist

Cassidy Portenier, Housing Specialist

Paige Hamilton, Information & Assistance Director

Maggie Galindo, Information & Assistance Specialist

Kristina Lindow, Information & Assistance Specialist

Pat McLaughlin, OKEP Coordinator  

La Rena Hildebrand, OKEP County Consultant (Great Bend Office)

Evelyn Griffith, Senior Sound Coordinator





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