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Rent Assistance Forms

About the Rent Assistance Program

Rent assistance is available to very low-income households through the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 8 Housing  Choice Voucher Program. SWKAAA provides this service under the auspices of the Ford County Housing Authority.

Qualified families or individuals rent an existing house, duplex, apartment or mobile home from a private owner. The assisted tenant pays approximately 30% of their monthly adjusted income towards rent. SWKAAA guarantees payment of the remaining portion based on the fair market rent determined by HUD.

Contact the housing program through the primary agency number 620-225-8230 or 1-800-742-9531 or email HERE.

Our Service Area



Please carefully consider each step in the process (numbered 1-5). If you are a resident of Dodge City or Great Bend you are not eligible for this program. Please call the Housing Authority in your city for more information.

  • Dodge City Housing Authority 620-225-1965
  • Great Bend Housing Authority 620-793-7761

Step 1. Income Guidelines

Find out if you qualify financially. These HUD guidelines are based on gross (before taxes & Medicare premium deductions) yearly household income levels.

Step 2. HUD Application Instructions

Please read these instruction carefully before proceeding to step three (3) below.

Step 3. Rent Assistance Application

Please print this application. Mail the completed, signed form to: PO Box 1636 Dodge City, KS 67801. Do not fax this form. Please make sure you include copies of all required documents for every member of the household. Required documents are: birth certificate, Social Security cards, and INS (immigration) documents if applicable.

Step 4. HUD Privacy Act Notice

All adult members (18 years and older) must sign and return this form with the Rent Assistance Application.

Step 5. SWKAAA Authorization Form

All adult members (18 years and older) must sign and return this form with the Rent Assistance Application.