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Eleven Reasons Why I Joined a Support Group

  1. It was the only place where I could say how I felt, and people would understand.
  2. I learned where to go for help in caring for my loved one.
  3. I realized that it was possible to laugh at some of the impossible, crazy things that happened during the day.
  4. I discovered that it was important to have some time for myself to do the things I want to do and not feel guilty about it.
  5. I learned to stop trying to teach or correct or reason with my loved one, and instead learned to accept the way he/she was.
  6. I could be angry about how I was dealt a low blow by fate, and others would say it was OK to feel that way. They would also be able to help me deal with my anger.
  7. I could find help on how to handle difficult behavior problems from others who had dealt with similar ones.
  8. I learned that I should not be the only one caring for my loved one. I could enlist the help of family, friends or professional caregivers.
  9. I became aware of how much it helped to know that I was not the only one in the world going through this nightmare.
  10. I made new friends during a time that I seemed to be losing old ones.
  11. I found I could cope with the support, caring and understanding from others in my support group.

(Lincoln/Greater Lincoln Chapter)