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Caregiver Program

Families and Caregivers

Family and other informal caregivers provide 70 percent of all the help received by chronically impaired elderly people.  Although women often become caregivers for elderly relatives and friends, a study shows that one out of every three informal caregivers are men.

National Family Caregiver Support Program

The NFCSP was established by the Older Americans Act Amendments of 2000, Public Law 106-501, and was developed by the Administration on Aging and Department of Health and Human Services.  Local Area Agencies on Aging are often the front-line sources of information and assistance to caregivers.  The SouthWest Kansas Area Agency on Aging (SWKAAA) provides:

Information – Group presentations, including public education or events that provide information to caregivers and their families about available services, and provision to present information at health fairs. Contact our agency to set up an appointment to meet with your family or organization.

Support Groups – SWKAAA can place you in contact with local support groups.  Our agency also offers guidance and provides support group facilitator training.

Assistance – We provide current information on opportunities and services available, assess the problems and capacities of the individuals, and link the individuals to the opportunities and services available.  Case Management authorizes and arranges services, coordinates the provisions of service among providers and follows up as required.

Supplemental Services – Attendant and personal care, homemaker services or bathroom items can be provided on a limited basis to complete the care provided by caregivers.  Specific eligibility requirements must be met to receive these services.

Respite Care – Enables caregivers to be temporarily relieved of their caregiver responsibilities.  Temporary, substitute support or living arrangements provide a brief period of relief or rest for caregivers.  It can be in the form of in-home respite, adult day care respite or institutional respite for an overnight stay on an intermittent, occasional or emergency basis.  Specific eligibility requirements must be met to receive this service.

Grandparent or Relative Caregiver Services – Grandparents can find themselves suddenly entrusted with raising grandchildren.  The Family Caregiver Program serves as a source of information and assistance to grandparents who are 55 or older raising a grandchild under the age of 19.  The caregiver must be living with the child, be the primary caregiver, and have legal custody or guardianship or be raising the child informally.

Funded by – National Family Caregiver Support Program under Older Americans Act Title III E, state general revenues, and local/county funds; administered by the Kansas Department of Aging and locally by area agencies on aging.

Eligibility – No Minimum age requirement for caregivers.  Care receivers must be age 60 and older and meet one of the following two requirements:  1)  unable to perform  at least two or more activities of daily living without substantial human assistance, including verbal reminding, physical cuing or supervision, or 2)  require substantial supervision because he or she behaves in a manner that poses a serious health or safety hazard to him or her or another individual due to cognitive or other mental impairment. Contact SWKAAA to see if you meet the eligibility requirements.

General Information

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