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Board of Directors

Fiscal Year 2018

*Sub-Region I

1. Glenda Patterson (Meade county)

2. Deanna Myers (Haskell county)

3. Vacant

*Sub-Region II

1. **Darlene Marshall (Clark county)

2. Phyllis Stull (Ness county)

3. (Alternate) Rita Lahman (Clark county)

*Sub-Region III

1. Elaine Beaver (Kearny county)

2. Robert Weilert (Wichita county)

3. (Alternate) Kathrine White (Kearny county)

*Sub-Region IV

1. Bill Stewart (Grant county)

2. Roxane Guerrero (Hamilton county)

3. (Alternate) O. LaVonne Michael (Grant County)

*Sub-Region V

1. JoAnn Lewis (Pawnee county)

2. Zelma Mead (Edwards county)

3. (Alternate) Trella Berscheidt (Barton county)

*Sub-Region VI

1. Karen McClellan (Barber county)

2. Jerry Keene (Pratt county)

3. (Alternate) Kari Kyle (Kiowa county)


1. Rosa Taylor (Ford county)


**Denotes Board Chairperson